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Pump will not prime :
  1. No water in the pump strainer pot.
  2. Strainer pot lid is not tight.
  3. Damaged lid O ring
  4. Water level is below skimmer
  5. Strainer or skimmer basket is clogged.
  6. Closed valve in piping system.
  7. Pump is on low speed (two-speed ) units only.
  8. Air leak in the suction line.
Low flow- High filter pressure:
  1. Filter is dirty
  2. Restriction in the return line
  3. Low flow-low filter pressure:
  4. Strainer basket or skimmer basket is clogged.
  5. Clogged impeller
  6. Air leak in suction line
  7. Restriction in suction line
Motor does not turn:
  1. Power switch is off.
  2. Circuit breaker is tripped.
  3. Pump is in off mode of timer controlled circuit.
  4. Motor terminal connections are incorrect.
  5. Motor shaft is locked by a bad bearing.
  6. Impeller is locked by debris.
Motor overload protection "kicks out"
  1. Electrical supply connections are incorrect.
  2. Wiring to pump is undersized.
  3. Power company supply voltage is low.
  4. Ventilation is inadequate for motor