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Polaris 9300xi Sport

The Polaris division of Zodiac Pool Systems, Inc. this season introduces the most advanced robotic pool cleaning technology, the Polaris 9300xi Sport, complementing the company’s Polaris 9300 Sport model. Polaris has increased production capacity on both its 9300 robotic platform model and the platform extension, Polaris 9300xi Sport, due to overwhelming demand.

In year one release during the 2010 season, the Polaris 9300 Sport captured nearly 20% market share and sold out early, prompting the company to increase production capacity for 2011. The award-winning, innovative and user-friendly 9300 Sport line cleaners make pool cleaning safe and effortless, capturing more than four times the debris load of other cleaners and maneuvering tight corners, walls and steps. Designed after the look of the Bugatti, the famed European sports car, the 9300 platform is sleek and powerful, and offers consumers a variety of innovative features and benefits.

New features of the Polaris 9300xi Sport include:

Hand-held IntelliNav remote control for spot and express cleaning Aggressive scrubbing brush that enhances tile and pool floor cleaning Longer cable to clean up to a 60 foot long pool Programmable cleaning time, up to six hours, for energy efficiency and performance.

Features shared by both the Polaris 9300xi Sport and the Polaris 9300 Sport are:

Patented Vortex vacuum technology that maximizes vacuum power without losing suction and captures more debris Easy-access quick release filter canister for emptying of debris without touching it Faster navigation and enhanced agility to quickly clean pool floors, walls and tile line All terrain Aqua-Trac wheels that provide stability and ability to climb walls and steps Rear water propulsion system for hard to reach pool areas Zodiac Pool Systems President Tony Prudhomme is proud of the 9300 platform’s inventiveness and benefits that it provides customers.

“Polaris continues to lead the industry in pool cleaner innovation and sophisticated craftsmanship with the 9300 platform series; it represents the best-in-class robotic cleaning technology and embodies the advancements you expect from Polaris,” said Prudhomme. “For customers not lucky enough to have a Polaris pressure cleaner pre-installed, this is their chance to own a Polaris and have their pools cleaned safely and effortlessly. Plus, they’re really sleek looking cleaners; customers enjoy sitting on the sidelines and watching them work!”

The Polaris 9300 platform cleaners go into the pool only when cleaning is required as they are not attached to a stationary water outlet; therefore, pool owners can use the 9300 platform cleaners in any existing pool. In addition, they are so energy-efficient that they cost only pennies a day to operate. The manufacturer’s suggested retail prices are $1299 for the Polaris 9300 Sport and $1499 for the Polaris 9300xi Sport. Zodiac is offering a $100 consumer rebate on the 9300 Sport model and a $150 consumer rebate on the 9300xi Sport for purchases made April 1 through July 31, 2011.