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Commercial Pool Salt Chlorinators

Salt systems are now the most economical ways of sanitizing pool water and this is widely beign accepted as the best technology for pool sanitation.  Swimming pool salt chlorinators are now extensively used as they eliminate harsh chemicals and the main source of irritation plaguing swimmers. It is found that the salt chlorinators ensure softer skin and benefit people. Transporting, buying and storing chlorine is also completely eliminated, besides adding is potentially hazardous.

CompuPool commercial salt chlorinators CPSC36 treats up to 40,000 gallons and is a superb performance salt water system of chlorination allowing the users to enjoy clear pool water, thereby providing with a safe, clean and easy alternative to dangerous and expensive chemicals.

The commercial swimming pool salt water chlorinators are user friendly with digital displays. The salt system offers lengthy life and ascertains enhanced chlorine efficiency with optimum cell life. The expense is less as after the initial installation; adding salt is enough to replace the salt lost.

Using salt systems for commercial pools is highly preferred as it is considered to be safe and a natural product that offers easier, cleaner and safest alternative than pushing hazardous chlorine tabs or liquid chlorine. The salt systems are great for all pools as it offers luxurious and smooth feel on the skin and you can say no to red eyes or skin irritation, bleached clothes or damaged hair. This is a low maintenance system and less expensive that people are not ready to see anything beyond salt water chlorinators.