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Salt Generator Systems

Salt systems for swimming pools is now a popular upgrade in swimming pools as it offers the benefit and requires no harsh chemicals to be added. The cost of the salt is lesser to chemicals.

Salt water systems are the easiest and automatic pool systems. Many consider salt systems for in ground pools owing to these features:

  • Energy efficient and clean working filters of the pool
  • Energy efficient and faster pool heaters
  • Automated and remote controlled by computer
  • Higher volume and energy efficient water pumps
  • Improved poolscape and underwater lighting
  • Comfort stairs and ladders to access

Swimming pool salt systems work typically as other pools. There are pumps, drains and filters. However, the adding of chlorine tablets is eliminated as the salt systems are the main salt chlorine generators that create chlorine and add it automatically to the pool.

Salt is made of two elements, sodium and chlorine, hence the name sodium chloride. As salt has chlorine naturally, using simple electrolysis process is enough to separate the sodium and chlorine molecules and to reintroduce them inside the pool.

Saltwater pools are like saline solution containing 6000 ppm. If you pool is maintained properly, it will not smell or taste salty. These saltwater pools are not free from chlorine. Instead, this is an alternative method of pool chlorinating by producing daily the required amount of chlorine. This chlorine sanitizes your swimming pool and is very safe. Yet, the salt pools need shock on regular basis to maintain perfection as not all salt generators produce the require chlorine. Hence, to maintain a healthy pool, purchase of shock treatments is inevitable.