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Robotic Pool Cleaners

Any person in charge of the swimming pool cleaners is aware of the need for purchasing automatic pool cleaners. These move on the pool floor sucking debris and trash, in fact some cleaners climb pool walls removing loose debris and pool surface scrubbing. 

Automatic pool cleaners are in three varieties: 
  • Pressure side pool cleaners
  • Suction side pool cleaners
  • Electric Robotic pool cleaners

Pressure side pool cleaners- These operate by the water pressure generated by pool pump or using a dedicated booster pump. The pressure side pool cleaners using booster pump are efficient in picking larger debris than the pool cleaners that operate on pool pump alone. The flip side of such cleaners is that the net bags will miss smaller debris like silt and sand. Smaller particles pass right away, so think and use the right net on your pole.

Suction Side Pool Cleaners- These cleaners operate by the pool pump and are usually connected to a skimmer that on moving the debris on the pool floor is trapped and sucked by the filters. A pool receiving leaves and debris in larger quantities indicates regular cleaning of the filter and pump basket. However, on the positive side, they can remove smaller particles than pressure side cleaners that employ a net bag to contain the picked debris.

Robotic Pool Cleaners-These run off electricity. Their power pack is plugged in the household current and the robot is powered by in built motors. Robotic pool cleaners are facilitated with brushes to scrub pool floor and walls, while some come with on board computers. Robotic cleaners suck debris and trash and offer the benefit of no more pool scrubbing. The Robotic is the most expensive of three, but are a great investment.