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Swimming Pool Cleaners

Swimming pool cleaners are must for any pool owner that wants to keep a clean pool in their backyard, without the hassle of cleaning it yourself! These are a popular choice for all pool owners, even if you have a professional pool service that cleans your pool weekly. Pool cleaners automatic will help keep your pool clean the balance of the week.

There are three different types of automatic pool cleaners such as suction cleaner, pressure cleaners and robotic cleaners

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Suction Pool Cleaners – This pool cleaner type basically works like a vacuum in your house. The hose attaches through your skimmer or a dedicated suction line on the side wall.

Pressure Pool Cleaners – These pool cleaners are a good choice for pools that have a tendency to attract larger leaves. They work off returning water instead of suction, therefore larger leaves do not tend to get clogged in the unit.

Robotic Pool Cleaners – This type of swimming pool cleaner is growing more popular as energy costs continue to sky rocket. These run independently of your swimming pool equipment and are plugged into an electrical outlet through a low-voltage converter. Robotic cleaners use much less power, due to the low volts, and your swimming pool equipment does not have to run, as it does with other pool cleaners. Robotic cleaners also have their own filter bag that traps all of the leaves, dirt, algae, etc. instead of clogging up your pool filter. This allows you to go much longer between filter cleaning cycles and reduces wear and tear. This will help control maintenance and repair expenses.

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