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The ECLIPSE line of Residential CORONA DISCHARGE Ozone generators...

Reduce chlorine use 60-90%. 

The Eclipse line of ozone generators from Del Ozone for residential pools offers Corona Discharge technology at UV pricing! Not until now have homeowners and smaller pool operators been able to enjoy Corona Discharge generated ozone for use in their pools. Plainly said, Corona Discharge type ozonators produce far more ozone, at a lower price than ozone produced by Ultraviolet ozonators. And Del's Eclipse Corona Discharge Ozone Generators produces more ozone than most other CD units.

There are four Eclipse models available - Eclipse-1, Eclipse-2, Eclipse-4, and the Total Eclipse - rated for residential pools from 7,000 up to 100,000 gallons.  The Total Eclipse, for new or existing pools, offers 24-hour operation for continuous ozone production. Eclipse 1, 2 & 4 units operate when a pump's running.

Reliable Automatic Pool Water Sanitation. 

The "CD electrodes" are the innovative corona discharge ozone generators at the heart of DEL's top-rated pool ozonators. Their design offers maximum ozone generation, tough corrosion resistance, and they are rated for 15,000 hours of operation at over 80% capacity. Eclipse ozone generators come with an installation manual. The complete installation kit with injector is sold separately because there are several different configurations available depending on the pool installation. Each Eclipse has a DEL backed one-year warranty.

Corona Discharge Ozone Generators for Residential Pools offered at UV Pricing!

Corona Discharge ozone generators produce far more ozone than comparably sized UV swimming pool ozone generators. The Eclipse line of CD ozone generators produce up to 3 times the concentration of ozone produced by a UV generator. The Eclipse units produce ozone concentrations reaching 1,350 ppm while UV generators top at about 550 ppm.

The Eclipse units are designed for installation with an injector manifold plumbed into the main pool return line after all other pool equipment as shown below. The Eclipse Swimming Pool Ozonator will operate in unison with the pool's main time clock.

Installation is a breeze! Simply plumb in the injector manifold on the pool's return line, after all other equipment. Mount the Delzone Eclipse Ozonator unit on a wall or board, and make a simple electrical connection to the filter pump's time clock or switch. Connect the tubing between the Delzone unit and the injector and you're done! A hacksaw, a screwdriver and a little pvc glue is all that's needed. Full, detailed instructions are included with every Delzone unit. A toll free call answers any questions you may have.

Del Ozone Eclipse Diagram

Dispersion method: Ozone injector plumbs into pool return line; injects ozone through a venturi injector when the pool circulation system operates.


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Corona Disch Ozone Gen 220V

Eclipse 2, 15,000 Gal., 220v

Item#: EC-2-26

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